Full Monty

The ultimate Budapest group shooting event!

We collect you from your hotel and take you back again, so no worries about dealing with local taxi drivers or getting lost!

  • AK47 Assault Rifle
    (10 shots)
  • M4 Carbine .223 Rem
    (10 shots)
  • Swiss MP5 9mm
    (10 shots)
Semi-Auto Pistols
  • Glock 17 as used by armed UK Police   (15 shots)
  •  Heckler & Koch USP   (15 Shots)
  • Walther PPK "James Bond" gun 7.65mm   (6 shots)
  • Walther PP .22LR   (9 shots)
  • Taurus 94 .22LR  (9 shots)
  • Colt King Cobra .357 Magnum police classic  (6 shots)
  • Smith & Wesson 629 "Dirty Harry" .44 Magnum  (6 shots)
Pump-Action Shotgun
Mossberg 500 Pump-Action Shotgun
(5 shots)

Shoot ‘em all!” From AK47 to pump-action shotgun. Dirty Harry .44 Magnum revolver to Glock 17 police pistol. Sig 226 pistol (as used by SAS and FBI operatives) to the BT96 MP5 type 9mm police tactical carbine. If you really want to have an event to remember in Budapest the Full Monty is for you.  All of the guns you will be shooting on this top-of-the-range shooting event are strictly unavailable in the UK, so why not take this one-off opportunity to try out many of the legendary guns you’ve seen in the movies in a safe and friendly environment.



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Other key info

Minimum 6 People – Maximum 12 People
(if less than 6 people check out our VIP Early Bird event for smaller groups)

Approx. 3.5 hours duration from hotel pick-up to hotel drop off (i.e including transport)

Availability:  The range operates Monday through Saturday most weeks of the year (please note the range closes for about 2 weeks over the Christmas and New Year period and for a few days over the Easter holidays each year).  The range is closed on Sundays.

It is best to book several weeks in advance to avoid disappointment because the range is usually fully booked a week or two in advance.

Price includes:

  • Shooting (as outlined above).
  • Expert 1-to-1 instruction for maximum safety.
  • Hotel transfers (modern comfortable car or minibus).



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